Why does my jbl speaker keep turning off?

Jbl speakers can automatically turn off if they are left inactive for ten minutes. This feature is not a problem but actually aims at conserving power. However, if your jbl speaker keeps turning off, then you must take the problem seriously. You can go through this article to fix these kinds of issues.

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Why does my jbl speaker keep turning off?

Your jbl speaker might be turned off due to low battery, damaged charging cable or port, corrupted charging logic, built-in protection circuits & an automatic turn-off feature.

Why does my jbl speaker keep turning off due to a low battery?

If you are using a jbl speaker at 70% volume, the battery will exist for 6 hours 40 minutes. But if you are playing music at maximum volume, then the battery will last for 3 hours 30 minutes. You will experience turning off your speaker continuously if the battery is low.

Check that your speaker is fully charged to avoid turning off the speaker continuously. After charging, confirm that the speaker is not turning off again, otherwise if the problem still exists, move on to the next step.

Why does my jbl speaker keep turning off due to damaged charging?

If your speaker is fully charged then the charging port may be the cause of turning off the speaker. The charging port can be damaged due to the speaker not receiving enough power.

You can check with another charging cable if the charging cable is the problem. But, when the second cable works properly, then the problem is with the charging port. You need to fix the port.

If you find the replacement of the cable port too technical, then there’s a way to switch towards wireless charging. Jbl offers a wireless charging kit that will allow you to charge the speaker wirelessly.

Why does my jbl speaker keep turning off due to corrupted charging logic?

Maybe your jbl speaker’s battery is not actually low. You should factory reset your speaker in order to correct the charging logic. Hold the “Volume Down” & “Bluetooth” buttons for about five seconds until the speaker turns off.

Then, press the power button for 20 seconds to restart the speaker. Otherwise, you can drain the battery & recharge your speaker so it will be able to play without any interruptions.

Why does my jbl speaker keep turning off due to built-in protection circuits?

You know that the amplifier in the speaker is equipped with built-in protection circuits. These will protect the amplifier from destruction when a short occurs. Switching off of a speaker can be caused when things inside the speaker get heated & circuits shut down.

Whether you opt for professional assistance or buy a new speaker, both will cost you the same. Therefore, you are left with the option to fix it yourself.

Open the speaker & notice the connected wires. A stray wire can be a problem, so make sure the wires are in the place they belong to.

Why does my jbl speaker keep turning off due to the automatic turn off feature?

Jbl speakers have an automatic turn off feature that will switch off if not played for 10 to 15 minutes. If your speaker is idle without switching off, it will automatically turn off. This may disappoint if you are using it as a computer speaker.

You can disable this auto-off feature. Anyways, you can keep your speaker switched on while playing low audio the whole time. This won’t cause any distraction while using the speaker.

Features of jbl speakers:-


We all know, the bigger the speaker is, the louder it is. However, the jbl go 2 of size 7.12×86.0×31.6(mm) are surprisingly loud. You can easily carry this in your pockets for picnics, jogging, bike rides etc.


The jbl go 2 speaker has a modern look with curved, smooth edges present in 12 different colours. The plastic body looks metallic & the logo of jbl is carved into the back of the body, which gives vibrant appearance.

Music Control:-

The music control capability in jbl go 2 is limited. You play or pause the music using the “Play” button. To move on to the next song , press the “Play” button two times. You can’t go back to previous songs.

Water Protection:-

The jbl go 2 speaker is waterproof, it has got IPX7 water protection. It can be kept in one meter deep water for about 30 minutes. This speaker is weather sealed & thus prevents water, dust, splashes & raindrops.

Connectivity, Bluetooth Range:-

The jbl go 2 speaker has an auxiliary input that allows speakers to connect with other audio sources using a simple audio connection such as a 3.5 mm jack. The range of Bluetooth is 70 feet, which is a wide range & provides good connectivity.

Battery life:-

The charge time of jbl go 2 speaker is 2.5 hours & it has a 730mAh lithium ion battery which provides 5 hours of playtime when fully charged. If you play music at 70% volume, the speaker gives you about 6 hours 40 minutes of playtime.

At maximum volume, the speaker will play for 3 hours 30 minutes. The speaker comes with a branded wireless charging kit that you can also buy separately. You need to place the speaker on the charging base for wireless charging.


The jbl speaker may turn off due to causes such as low battery or corrupted charging logic. You need to assess the problem & fix it. After that, you will be able to enjoy seamless music.

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