Why Does My Megaboom Keep Cutting Out?

One of the foremost annoying experiences one will ever undergo once paying attention to music or looking at a pic is your speaker’s ablation within the middle of your favorite half. Why will it happen? Your speaker’s area unit is properly set and there are not any issues together with your affiliation from the phone to the receiver, however, they keep stuttering!

Well, if you’re experiencing random ablation of your mega boom speakers, and you’re questioning whether obtaining them was the proper selection, don’t smash it against the wall simply, however. attempt to troubleshoot the difficulty initially with the information during this article.

While this issue is common in Bluetooth speakers, Wi-Fi speakers might conjointly expertise similar. If you would like to grasp higher why it happens and the way to mend it, read on!

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Understanding Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Speaker Technology

To better fathom what the matter might be together with your mega boom speakers, looking at the sort of wireless affiliation it uses, it’s vital to understand what ought to be happening.

Bluetooth technology permits communication between 2 devices by connecting them through radio waves. not unlike alternative devices that use similar technology for affiliation, say cell phones, Bluetooth has been designed to make sure communication over short distances.

In a shell, Bluetooth technology provides the simplest way for 2 devices to attach while not an online affiliation, and as long as they continue to be inside varied, they will seamlessly communicate with one another and perform completely different functions as commanded.

So, however, do Bluetooth speakers work? usually, they work by having your smartphone, smartwatch, laptop, iPad, or laptop transfer radio waves through a particular frequency, that area unit picked by a receiver, in this case, a speaker or a compatible device. Once the causation device and therefore the receiver establishes an affiliation, they will begin sharing information like soundwave information. this implies you’ll be able to play music through the receiving device.

To ensure that there’s no interference in their affiliation, the 2 devices can systematically amendment the frequency they’re connected to once paired. This conjointly ensures security.

Wi-Fi speakers, on the opposite hand, use a rather completely different approach. As you almost certainly understand already, Wi-Fi could be a system you connect your alternative devices to for the web. this technique desires a router, that’s connected to the web, for it to operate. Its net signal is then shared with all of your alternative devices, as well as smartphones and computers. Wi-Fi speakers, however, don’t get to connect with your home network – it solely depends on the strength of your Wi-Fi signal, and with a wise device, you’ll be able to manage it.

These kinds of speakers connect with a central system that links alternative multiple speakers to play music everywhere in the house. Notably, Wi-Fi speakers appear to be additional economical and convenient since their affiliation isn’t at risk of interference by alternative sensible devices, however, the majority still keep company with Bluetooth devices.

The problem is, that Bluetooth speakers don’t seem to be perpetually excellent. whereas the affiliation isn’t advanced, it may be littered with many factors, and turning into awake to, however {they can|they can|they’ll} affect your mega boom speaker will assist you to notice a fast answer.

What Causes Audio Distortion, Cut-Out, or Drop Outs in mega boom Speaker?

If your music or audio from what you’re streaming is usually throwing in the towel or unarticulate, their area unit several common culprits that area unit price trying into. They include:

1. Low Battery

This is the foremost basic troubleshooting step that you just ought, to begin with. Distortions might occur if your mega boom speaker is working on an occasional charge. ensure that the speaker is charged as typically as doable, significantly once you area unit victimization it. this may optimize the affiliation it makes and guarantee continuous playback.

This downside sometimes happens if your speaker’s battery charge is just too low and your battery indicator light-weight is blinking. Keep a watch out for this and note whether or not the sound breaks off once the sunshine is on or off.

2. Alternative Device Interference

Most sensible devices in your home emit radio waves that might interfere together with your Megaboom’s Bluetooth affiliation. Your Wi-Fi and microwave, for example, might cause interference since they use a similar frequency as your mega boom speaker. this may lead to the 2 signals blocking one another inflicting the audio to chop out. Even fluorescent lights sometimes have a similar result.

Similarly, if you’re connecting from your smartphone, and you have got too several apps running, your device’s lag might cause audio distortion. A fast fix for this might be closing all the running apps or just restarting your phone and establishing an affiliation another time.

Perhaps a number of the largest culprits area unit alternative connected or paired Bluetooth devices. though once an affiliation has been established by one device it’s arduous to interrupt, alternative close devices might cause some interference thanks to the automated pairing operation.

As such, it’s vital to unpair devices that you just don’t often use from the list of connected devices. Also, make sure together with your manufacturer’s pairing tips and preventative measures to understand additional regarding what devices might affect your mega boom Bluetooth affiliation.

3. Bluetooth Incompatibility

Like several alternative speakers victimization Bluetooth, Mega boom speakers conjointly use backward compatibility. this implies that as long as the devices you own share a similar Bluetooth infrastructure, they will simply connect. there’s more modern technology, however, referred to as Bluetooth sensible. Devices victimization this school cannot try with people who use older Bluetooth schools.

If, therefore, you’re experiencing a cutout, maybe check whether or not the Bluetooth support list includes your device. the matter might be that it’s not compatible.

4. You’re Out of vary

If you extend the affiliation to your mega boom speakers too so much, the affiliation can break, inflicting the audio to chop out. The speaker works handily for devices that area units close to one another. perpetually check the specifications for Bluetooth direct your mega boom speaker to avoid such frustrating expertise.

5. Your Megaboom’s Audio App

Sometimes, your speaker’s code is superannuated. If everything else checks out, the affiliation is great, you inside vary, and therefore the 2 devices area unit paired properly, however you continue to expertise the cut-out, strive to change the speaker’s audio application.

Troubleshooting Your mega boom Bluetooth Speaker

There are unit straightforward solutions that might fix your mega boom Bluetooth audio cut-out issues. Here area unit a few:

• Moving the dominant device and keeping it inside vary can facilitate establishing a powerful and secure reference to your mega boom speakers. The signal won’t encounter interferences that cause the cut-out.

• Make sure that each of your device’s area units is charged and doesn’t seem to be running on low charge.

• Reset your mega boom Bluetooth speaker by pressing and holding the ability button for up to ten seconds. this permits it to terminate a weak pairing and open for a replacement affiliation. whereas at it, conjointly reset the Bluetooth on your device.

• Keep the code and therefore the mega boom Bluetooth adapters up thus far and functioning.

• If none of those steps work, think about technical support by reaching intent on the mega boom technical support team.

What are a couple of Wi-Fi mega boom Speakers that Cuts Out?

The unarticulate downside is common in Bluetooth devices, as already mentioned, however it might conjointly happen to the wireless mega boom speakers yet. If you have got a Wi-Fi mega boom speaker that cuts out, do the after troubleshoot the problem:

Check your net affiliation speed – If your net speed is to a fault slow, you’ll not be able to stream music and video from the net properly. whereas at it, it’s conjointly vital to make sure that nobody else in your house is streaming or has connected their apps to the speakers. Also, their affiliation might cut down the Wi-Fi signal thereby officious together with your Megaboom’s audio.

• Check your Wi-Fi router – Run a speed check (using the associate degree app from Speedtest.net) while standing close to the mega boom speaker ablation. If it’s considerably low, move it nearer to the router and see if the speed changes and whether or not the audio improves. If this, however, doesn’t facilitate, there might be alternative sensible devices officious with the network of the speakers.

• Check your Wi-Fi Band and kind – Your mega boom speakers might even be cut out as a result of conflicts between networks. to assist resolve this, a Wi-Fi scanner will assist you to verify the conflicting networks yet as in selecting a lesser-used channel to cut back interference.


Audio ablation or unarticulate could be a common and frustrating issue typically two-faced by Bluetooth speakers. It conjointly happens in alternative wireless speakers yet. And if you have got been experiencing such a difficulty together with your mega boom speaker, the difficulty might need an easy fix.

Of course, it’ll take several workarounds, however, once you learn the fundamentals regarding the 2 common kinds of wireless connections utilized by mega boom speakers, finding a fix is simple. Hopefully, the higher troubleshooting steps can assist you to notice an operating answer.

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