Why is My Bluetooth Speaker Beeping?

1. Because of low battery:

A low battery beep is one of the most common beeps. The type and frequency of the beep will be different for different manufacturers

 for some speakers the frequency of the beep will increase as the battery level will decrease and, in some cases, these beeps will be accompanied by an LED indicator 

 all these signals mean that you need to charge your speaker as soon as possible 

2. When you connect the device to the speaker:

Some Bluetooth speakers are designed to make a beep sound when you connect with your smartphone, tablet, or any other device. when you disconnect it produces a different type of beep?

 It mainly depends on the brand of speaker you use. in some premium quality Bluetooth speakers, there are voice commands to indicate that the speaker is connected or disconnected 


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3. For the diagnostic test:

Some Bluetooth speakers have a self-diagnostic feature, which means different beeps have different meanings. Some speakers produce beeps when they are connecting with other devices or any micro-USB cable, this is to alert the user that the cables are doing their work and everything is fine. it also produces a deep -beep when you disconnect it. 

Some companies also include a beep sound to indicate that the speaker is ready to pair. To understand the different meanings of the beeps the user needs to read the manual that comes with the speaker to understand the different meanings of different types of beeps 

4. Because the power cables can be loosely fitted:

Sometimes your speakers will produce a beep sound when plugged In. It either means that your cable is faulty or it is wrongly fitted to the port. To solve this problem either use a different micro-USB cable or detach and reattach the cable to your speaker, also check if the charging unit is plugged in properly. 

If the cable is at fault, make sure you replace it with manufacturer recommended cable. Also, check that the rating on the cable and charging port matches the speaker design rating.

5. Because of excess dust and debris on your charging cable or power port:

Since the USB ports and charging, ports are exposed to air sometimes, they gather dust and debris in them, the beeping is a form of debugging for the speaker. if your cable is not properly connected, they produce a beep sound.

 To avoid this, slowly wipe the area with a soft piece of cloth or cotton.

6. Because of using a faulty micro-USB cable:

The ability of a speaker to communicate with the user is a crucial feature involved by all manufacturers. when your micro-USB is not correctly rated to your speaker, it will start beeping to imply an error in the system. 

if this happens you have to use a different USB cable, most importantly use a manufacturer-recommended USB cable as they are already compatible with the speaker. normal wear and tears may have caused your USB to snap or twist, so always check the cable before inserting 

7. When the speaker is receiving low or high voltage:

If the speaker is connected to a power source with a voltage low or higher than the recommended rate, it produces a beep sound.

Doing this can damage the speaker, therefore it is essential to unplug the speaker if there are continuous beeps 

Frequently asked questions 

1. Why is my BOSE Sound link making a beeping sound while charging?

Sound links are designed in such a way that they will make an up-beep when plugged in and a done-beep when unplugged. It is a part of the speaker’s self-diagnostic test.

 It is to confirm that the speaker is being plugged in or out, however, if the beeps occur continuously it means that the cable is not inserted correctly or there is some sort of debris on the cable or power port. 

2. Why does my Bluetooth speaker beep continuously while charging?

There can be several reasons for it. It could be because the voltage of the power source is too high or too low than the recommended one or it could also mean that the device is fully charged.

Hope this article helps 

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