Why Is My Bluetooth Speaker Connected But Not Playing?

Bluetooth wireless technology is now one of the most necessary inventions in regular human lives for connecting devices. It’s the quickest thanks to connecting various devices. 

However, generally, your Bluetooth speakers won’t play the music on your phone despite indicating that it’s connected. If you have got this downside, don’t worry, we’ve got you coated.

Above the area unit, several explanations for why your Bluetooth speaker indicates that it’s connected, however, the music isn’t enjoyed. browse for recommendations on the way to fix the top problems.

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1. The Sound on Your Bluetooth Speaker or Phone Might Be Muted

The first factor you must do once round-faced with this downside is to visualize whether or not your Bluetooth speaker is muted. Some Bluetooth speakers can have an associated semiconductor diode indicator to point out once the area unit is muted, however, some don’t have it.

To do this, visit your phone’s sound settings and ensure that the toggle is ready to unmute.

Once your Bluetooth speaker is on, the ON/STANDBY semiconductor diode indicator is lit up in white, orange, or green, counting on the completion of your speaker.

2. Device Might Be Paired To an unknown Speaker

Currently, you’ll flip back on solely the speaker that you simply would like to try on your device. 

To avoid signal interference and possibility of connecting to the incorrect speaker, you must make sure that the opposite unsought speakers stay off. as an alternative, you’ll unpair the opposite speakers from your Bluetooth device and solely leave the speaker you would like to listen to connect. That way, you’ll scale back the confusion.

3. The degree of the Speaker or Bluetooth device is Low

Ensure that the degree of each speaker and your Bluetooth device is turned up. change the degree to a moderate level. 

Increase the degree by clicking the degree up button to a level that you simply area unit snug with. In several cases, this may resolve the difficulty. However, if it persists, browse for various approaches to break down the difficulty.

4. Bluetooth Setting Might Not Have Access Right to Media Audio

Check that the Bluetooth network transport management of the audio device is ready to playback Audio. During this case, you’ll provide access to audio output manually. 

If you’re connecting to a pc, the required Bluetooth services are also disabled. This may cause your speaker to not perform. Whether or not you’re employing a Windows or mackintosh laptop, you must make sure that the Bluetooth support services area unit is activated.

5. Because of a slip-up In Device Pairing

Another reason why this could occur is attributable to a slip-up when pairing your device. Potentially, your device seems to be properly paired, however nevertheless it’s a slip-up. 

To resolve this, you’ll get to unpair the device 1st. If the difficulty persists, you’ll get to delete the pairing data from your devices utterly.

Once the device is unmated, you’ll re-establish the affiliation by pairing anew. This procedure is probably going to resolve the difficulty.

6. Mistreatment associate Incompatible Device

Another common reason for this can be connecting to associate incompatible devices. Some Bluetooth speakers don’t seem to be compatible with computers or phones. 

To fix this, you must browse the manufacturer’s minimum compatibility needs before shopping for a Bluetooth speaker. Some manufacturers can lock their devices to solely link to devices of a similar complete state.

7. Faulty/Inbuilt virus Bluetooth Speaker

Once your speaker develops an associated electrical fault, it seemingly fails to play music even once connected to your device. you must connect your device to a unique Bluetooth speaker and see if it’ll play.

8. Audio IN Jack might be blocked In

Sometimes once your device cannot play music via Bluetooth, it’s as a result of it’s already connected to a different device and mistreatment of the audio jack. This can be common for speakers that have a cable affiliation choice.

9. Try attributable to a bug on the Audio Playback App

If none of the on-top of approaches works, it’s time to visualize the Audio playback app your mistreatment. If it’s not muted, then it should be having a bug.

Once updated, attempt to re-establish the affiliation. Also, make sure that the chosen App is ready because of the default music playback app.

This may ensure that your original app had a problem. you’ll additionally uninstall the app and re-install the app anew.

Realize the choice for change or uninstalling your app. make sure that your media player app is up thus far.


Portable Bluetooth speaker’s area unit is the foremost convenient and cost-efficient thanks to hearing your music from your phone or pill on the go. Bluetooth speakers can quickly and simply boost the sound on your phone and different devices.

But they will be a hassle once they fail to play the music you want. 

The top solutions ought to assist you to fix the matter. However, if it’s still not operating, it’ll mean your device desires some tougher resets. This may be done by mistreatment by the push on your device. Note that this may erase all the info on your device.

When buying a Bluetooth speaker, make sure you opt for the simplest quality speakers which will not find yourself having property problems. A speaker that incorporates a show or associate semiconductor diode indicator can assist you to spot the matter simply.


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