Why is my Bluetooth Speaker static?

Nowadays Bluetooth technology is considered to be one of the most reliable wireless connections used around the world. It is widely used in headphones and appliances where an easy connection is required between two or more devices over some range of distance. However, many people face issues with Bluetooth speakers which are static. It might be quite annoying for every user when you play a song or watch a movie, etc. in this article we will cover how you can get rid of the static by following steps and measures.

There can be several reasons why a Bluetooth speaker has static sound. Usually, it is because of the lots of interference from the other devices or appliances which use Bluetooth technology, some are microwaves, wireless mouse, gaming consoles, and many others. Other than that, sometimes it might be out of range or may have a low battery, giving out static noises.

Why is my Bluetooth Speaker static

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What causes static sound in Bluetooth speakers

Devices using the same Bluetooth frequency

If you have recently bought a Bluetooth speaker and it is making static sounds, then interference from other devices which are using the same frequency might be the reason for it.

Bluetooth technology communicates via short-range radio waves communication, the problem is there will be many appliances in your house that will use the same frequency as the Bluetooth speakers, for example, your microwave uses the same frequency band of 2.4GHz which is the same as Bluetooth speakers. This frequency is also used by Wi-Fi routers and other appliances and if your speakers are kept nearby then the sound might be static. In some households there might not be enough space to keep the gadgets far apart from each other, you can try mounting your router high up on the wall to avoid it as much as possible.

Bluetooth Range

Other than devices having the same frequency band, Bluetooth range can be also a problem, Bluetooth range means the distance between the Bluetooth speaker and the controlling device (phone/computer). Speakers usually have a range up to 10 meters and some also have a range of about 20 meters, but unfortunately the same cannot be said with the Bluetooth headphones, they have much less range compared to the speakers. Your first step is to make sure whether the distance is the cause of the static sound, it is important to find out the cause and eliminate it. Suppose you are with your smartphone which is connected to the speakers, and you notice that when you move away from the speakers, you get the static sound then “distance” might be the cause for the static sound.

Battery status

Every Bluetooth speaker or headset has a limit to its battery life, sometimes a low battery can also lead to those static sounds which you don’t like, and a low battery is one of the factors that people don’t pay attention to and think that there might be other problems with the speaker. If your Bluetooth speaker has an extremely low battery, it might cause crackling sounds, etc. just like other devices speakers also rely on the battery charge, if they run out of charge then it will lead to low connectivity resulting in various unwanted noises like the static noises.

Outdated software

You must make sure that the software related to your Bluetooth speakers or headset is updated, this is the factor that people tend to ignore or forget about most of the time, you must make sure that when the brand of your speakers releases an update you must install it without fail. You will notice this static sounds after some time when using older versions of the apps

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