Why is My JBL Flip 3 Not Connecting?

There can be several reasons why your device is not connecting to your speaker the most common reason is that the devices are out of range or another device is already been paired and there is not enough charge in either of the devices.

JBL Flip 3 can be connected to any phone be it android, iPhone, iPad, etc.

How to pair the device with JBL Flip 3?

Bluetooth pairing is mandatory as is a simple process

  • Turn on the Bluetooth for both the speaker and the device you wish to connect
  • Turn on the pairing mode of the speaker by holding the Bluetooth button till the LED light flashes and in case the speaker is new and is not paired with any device then it will automatically turn on the pairing mode.
  • In your phone open the setting and then select the option of Bluetooth devices. there you will find a list of available Bluetooth devices near you. find the name of your JBL speaker and press it, confirm the process and the pairing will be done
  • If the pairing is successful then the LED light of your JBL speaker will start blinking, in case it does not blink it means that the device is not paired and you will have to try doing it again.

You will also hear an audio confirmation when the device is paired.

Why is My JBL Flip 3 Not Connecting


Some reasons and solutions in case even after following the above-mentioned step the speaker is still not connected

  • If your JBL Flip 3 keeps connecting and disconnecting then that means this is a problem with the software up to it.
  • Make sure that the device is in the range sometimes the devices are out of range resulting in problems keep them near and when you are done connecting then you can try to move them but don’t go too far as this led to disconnection and distorted audio.
  • Check if there is another device that has its Bluetooth on and hence is causing interference .So make sure there is no such interference
  • The devices should be properly charged -Bluetooth takes uses an amount of battery ly work so if either your speaker or your device has a low battery then that could be the reason why the speaker is not been connected with the device try charging both and then see
  • Interference can also be caused by wi-fi routers, microwaves and lights so move the speaker away from them as most of them share the same frequency as that of Bluetooth and therefore can cause interference
  • If are using the above-mentioned steps the speaker does not connect then try these;
  1. Try turning your speaker off and then on – some with excess use the speaker may be overflowed with a lot of data and cache which may cause the problem so simply doing this might help
  2. Another reason for this can be that the software is outdated or not up-to-date. so, it may lack the required infrastructure to form a successful connection
  3. The ultimate solution is that you can reset your speaker in total. doing this will completely clear your speaker of all its settings and cache baking it a new one. allowing you to start a new one.

To reset your speaker, firstly turn it on. Then press the volume up and the play button together it the speaker turns off. after that turn the speaker back on and if blue light is flashing that means that your speaker is reset.

Final thought

Mainly doing all the above-mentioned things will solve your problem but in case it does not you can go to the retailer or the manufacturer for the issue. 

Hope this article helps 

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