Why Is My JBL Speaker Blinking Red?

JBL has a wide range of speakers that fits your type and budget. When you are looking for something portable and small you can go for JBL Go 2 or if you are looking for something huge go for JBL Boombox.

One of the features which are common for all types of JBL speakers is its light indicator.

If your JBL speaker, you might have wondered as to why is the red-light blinking

The blinking red light is an indicator of a low battery. although in different models of the speaker the frequency at which the light blinks may differ but they all mean the same. and you will need to charge your speaker

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Here are some examples

JBL Charge 3 – In the case of this speaker, 3 blinks of red mean that the battery is low and needs to be charged.

The light turning blue means that the charge is full and you will need to unplug the speaker. It takes about 3 and a half hours to charge the speaker fully.

JBL Go 2 – This is JBL ’s most compact and portable Bluetooth speaker. On its front, It has only one LED which is the indicator.

When it is low on charge the LED indicator starts to blink red and while charging it the light changes to solid red and when the charge is full the light turns off.

JBL Flip 3 – To show the battery status there are five LED lights l. when the speaker charging one of the lights will blink to indicate the level of the battery and charging status.

When the charge is done all of the lights will turn on but none of them will blink.

In the case of this speaker when the power is low, the first LED will be blinking.

The charge lasts for about 10-11 hours. This is the timespan of the speaker after a single charge and when you play it at half volume. you can not replace the batteries of JBL Flip 3, in case you face any problem, contact a JBL authorized dealer.

You can charge your speaker from your power bank or laptop. Since the micro-USB cable for charging the speaker is the same as that of a smartphone, you can charge it in the car using the normal adapter.

Only make sure that you maintain the recommended charging voltage.

Why do speakers have charging indicators?

Battery life is something important to consider when buying a speaker.

All JBL speakers come with LED indicators and sometimes there is also a voice notification when your battery is running low.

How long your speaker will last depends on the battery type used and the care you give to the speaker while charging them.

Small speakers have small batteries therefore they need to be charged after an hour or two.

Speakers that have larger batteries have more playtime. but the duration of service defines the battery life of a speaker.

For example, if you play your speaker very loudly then the power consumed will be more, leading to low battery life.

Also, you need to make sure that you unplug the speaker after it is fully charged. It may reduce the battery life of the speaker in the long run.

Therefore, to avoid this battery indicators are designed in the speaker by using LED s. it will alert you the right time to charge the speaker and then when to unplug the speaker.

If you take your JBL speaker outside for a long time then you can not charge it using a cable, that is why all portable speakers of JBL come with a USB port so that you can connect it to a power bank and charge it easily. just ensure that the power source has the recommended voltage.


1. Does the red light stay while charging in the case of JBL speakers?

Yes, they stay, and when it is fully charged the light automatically turns off. and to alert the low battery the red light keeps blinking until you charge it.

2. What to do if the light of my JBL Go is on while charging but the speaker is not charging?

 If this happens check the charging device or the cable wires, they may be faulty. try charging with a different setup.

Lithium-ion batteries can be charged hundreds of times but with time the batteries deplete, so you may have to charge the batteries. just make sure you do that from an authorized JBL dealer.

3. Is it okay to use my JBL speaker while charging?

Most modern speakers allow this, however, it is not recommended as it will make the speaker charge slowly.

Also, if you are not using a fast-charging unit, the speaker may not reach its full charge, as the power is used continuously.

Long and healthy battery life allows your speaker to charge properly before using them.

4. The way I should charge my speaker so that it has a long battery life?

The first thing you need to make sure of is to use a JBL branded charging unit.

Also, make sure not to use the speaker while charging it. ensure that the cable is properly fitted to the device and the power source. and there is no debris or dust on the device.

Also, keep in mind that the charging voltage is not too high or lower than the recommended voltage.

5. An you overcharge your JBL speaker?

 It is not possible as the charging circuit will be cut off when the device is fully charged 


Almost all models of JBL except flip have five LED lights in a row on the center bottom of the front.

When the lights are on, it indicates that the battery is fully charged. and when the battery is low only one light will be blinking red.

The LED lights also indicate the percentage of charge remaining. when only 4 lights are on, it means that the battery is about 60 percent full.

Hope this article helps. 


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