Why Is My JBL Speaker Not Charging? 

When you are looking for good, affordable and great speakers with a good audio quality accordion to the money, JBL is the best and safest choice. But there are times when even the best electronics don’t always work the way we want them to and create problems. In case of battery troubles, it can very well turn your devices into useless blocks. 

In case your JBL speaker’s battery is draining faster or it isn’t charging, it could be a bad battery problem or even a software problem. With this article, we aim to go over multiple reasons why this might be happening or how to fix these issues. 

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Why is my JBL speaker not charging?

There are multiple factors that can cause this but the most common reason for this is because of a damaged battery. But besides that, there are some more factors that can cause charging failure such as:

  • Damaged battery
  • Faulty charging port
  • Faulty USB charging cable
  • Fault in the circuit
  • Faulty configuration settings 
  • Outdated JBL software 

We shall see below to learn more about how one can fix all these problems when they happen.

How to fix a damaged speaker battery?

Usually, a JBL battery doesn’t get damaged this fast but since at the end of the day, it is an electronic device like any other, the batteries can get damaged too. The easiest solution to this is replacing the damaged battery but before you conclude the current battery is damaged, it is important that you try charging your speaker using different adapters and USB cables because sometimes one of those things is faulty. 

JBL speakers are made with user-replaceable batteries but still, every model has its own way of removing and changing batteries. Some models come with battery replacement kits which would have everything that you may possibly need to change the batteries. 

Faulty charging port

Sometimes, it is not your speaker but rather your charging port that is compromised. Debris often can get inside the ports and damage them which often prevents the cable from sitting into the USB ports like they are supposed to. You should check your ports thoroughly and try to take the dirt out. In case of water damage, you can use a hairdryer to remove the moisture. 

Faulty charging USB cable

One of the most common problems that come up besides faulty battery is faulty USB cable. When this happens, it would cause your JBL speaker to stop charging suddenly. 

The first thing you must do is try charging your speaker with some other USB cable to confirm if the cables have indeed gone faulty. Check if your wires have any signs of damage or chipping off of the cover because that may as well be the cause of it. 

Fault in circuit 

The circuit is responsible for passing the power to the battery and in case it gets damaged, the power will not be transferred to the speaker which would result in them not charging properly.

If you feel that your circuit has a fault then you would need to take your speaker for service as that is something that only a professional can look at and work on since it is very sensitive. 

Faulty configuration settings 

JBL speakers usually come pre-configured from the manufacturer and therefore there are very less chances that the configuration settings would end up creating problems in charging. But since there are still some chances and our phone devices are prone to bugs, you need to see if you are using the latest software and that your settings are correct. 

In case you are experiencing charging problems and any other methods that have been mentioned above have failed, you can try resetting your speakers and that would restore the system’s default settings and may end up resolving any charging issue that you may possibly have.

Depending on what model you may have, you would need to press on the multi-function to reset and once the LED starts glowing, you can let the button go. To be sure, you can also reset the pairing settings on your Bluetooth device and once your system is restored, you can plug it into power again.

Use of outdated JBL software

When your JBL speaker isn’t charging and you have tried any possible method there is to try to make it work but it isn’t still charging. Then, you should check in case your JBL speakers have outdated software. A software fix might end up making your speakers start working better again. Sometimes, resetting and updating older software helps in solving all the problems. 

Ending thoughts 

JBL speakers are no doubt great products but having battery issues with a device that is so handy becomes frustrating, especially when you already have plans and are maybe in the middle of a party.

Due to problems like faulty USB, port or debris getting inside your port, your speaker ends up not working. This is why this article aimed to help you out with your problems and hopefully, it helped. 

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