Why is Spotify so quiet on Bluetooth?

Spotify, with great music & exclusive tunes, provides an excellent streaming music service for its customers. But, you may face some challenges while playing it over Bluetooth. According to online reviews from people, the music turns down to low volume over the Bluetooth speakers but it plays at high volume on other devices.


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Can we rectify the problem & find a solution behind it?

Why is Spotify so quiet on Bluetooth?

Bluetooth in your phone’s sound setting can be the biggest reason that Spotify is quiet. The volume of Spotify over Bluetooth can be affected due to audio effects turned on in the audio equalizer. Although you have your phone volume on high, the sound is still low.

If you are facing this problem, check your phone’s sound settings. Settings>>Sound settings>>Audio effects>>Turn off equalizer for speaker.

You can put off all the audio effects as they can affect the high volume played over Bluetooth. Turn off the “Voice Privacy” & try to play Spotify.

A simple technique of once reducing the volume to zero & then raising it up to a high volume can also work. If these are not working out, then you must uninstall Spotify and install it back as this new installation will restore the settings to default.

Whenever you adjust the sound settings on your phone, try to restore the phone’s sound settings to default for a better experience. It is suggested to try Spotify on a different phone. If it plays well, then the problem might be with your phone. But if Spotify is still showing the same behavior, then try to modify Spotify’s audio settings & check.

What are the problems related to playing Spotify on Bluetooth?

Why is Spotify quite on Bluetooth can be answered quietly for certain reasons. A lot of people complain their speaker remains quiet even after music is playing. The device can be connected wirelessly. Perhaps the audio is not playing.

There are some devices which may not support Spotify over Bluetooth, like some android devices and PCs. You can restart your Spotify if you experience a beeping and no sound. If the problem still exists, you can restart your device & reconnect through Bluetooth. Close the background apps to ensure that they don’t interfere with how your device is sending music to Bluetooth. Speaker.

How to overcome the challenges of “Why is Spotify so quiet on Bluetooth” ?

Spotify can be played on various devices, Bluetooth speakers and in car stereo. People are enjoying the online streaming service of Spotify. If you have a Bluetooth speaker, then you can enjoy high resolution audio from Spotify. Wi-Fi is not needed, you can use your smartphone’s internet connection and stream music.

Once check that your Bluetooth speaker and phone’s or laptop’s Bluetooth is on. Connect your speaker with whichever device you are using & start playing music. If you find the volume is low, check the volume of your phone and then your Bluetooth speaker. But, if music is inaudible, then check other settings.

Why is Spotify so quiet when we play it wirelessly other than Bluetooth?

Spotify also offers a service called, Spotify Connect, where your speaker needs to be Wi-Fi friendly. You should have the latest program from Spotify to have the best quality of audio. Connect your speaker and mobile or PC with the same Wi-Fi & log into the same Spotify account.

Now, you can open your Spotify & select the available device. This would allow you to play Spotify on any device that is Wi-Fi enabled.

There are limitations to using Spotify Connect, that you need to have the latest Spotify program & your device should be up to date. You are also required to connect the device to the same Wi-Fi.

Spotify Connect is available for premium Spotify members only. You cannot enjoy the streaming if you are using it for free.

Can we play Spotify Music offline on Apps?

Spotify doesn’t allow its users to download songs as it is an online streaming service. However, you can convert the music to lighter formats and play them offline using variety of apps. The apps can be used to transfer music devices like the iPod, Zune, iPhone and MP3 players. TubeFab Spotify Music Converter can be used to transfer songs after downloading and installing the app on your device.

You just need to add the link of a Spotify track to the app and choose the format in which you want to play. At the same time, choose the format where you want to save the track. Now, you can enjoy the Spotify track on your device easily offline in new format.

These tracks which you convert are DRM free & you can send them to your Bluetooth speaker. It’s an incorrect way of using Spotify because TuneFab or other apps may ask for a subscription.

Why is Spotify so quiet on certain devices?

Brands such as Goggle Pixel, LG and Samsung Galaxy face many issues while playing music over Bluetooth. Some technical factors cause these devices to be incompatible with Spotify.

If you ever feel a music stuttering problem on your device, then try another device. If you also feel the same problem, your device is not in good condition. If you connect the speaker in an area with a busy Wi-Fi network, then they might cause problems while connecting with the device. You must switch off the Wi-Fi.

Why is Spotify so quiet after adjusting the settings?

If you’re tired of trying every method to fix the problem & music still remains quiet on the Bluetooth speaker, go for permission settings on your mobile. Phone settings>>Apps>>Spotify>>Permissions.

Modifying settings & checking your phone is not restricting Spotify from sending audio to speakers. It would be easier to reinstall the app than adjust a lot of settings. If Spotify is connected to mobile data, it will work better than being connected to Wi-Fi.

One more reason for interference is that if many people are connected to the same Wi-Fi, then the network may fluctuate. You can easily stream using your 4G or 5G network. You can also remove the Bluetooth device from the phone and again add it, so the connection will be strong.


A number of users face issues while playing Spotify over Bluetooth, whether they be free or premium Spotify users.

You can go for the recommended solutions as they have worked for many users. But, if these don’t work, then have a proper check on your device, PC or phone. Generally, Spotify music plays without stammering, but if the music mutes, then you need to solve the problem.

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