Why is Verizon So Expensive?

If you have used Verizon, you will surely know how expensive it is. Even with cheap and discounted plans, there will not be such a change.

There are a lot of reasons why they are so expensive. They offer extensive coverage and cater to all levels of clientele

Truth be told, it is so expensive because it owns the biggest market. In simple words, they are a major force in the telecom world so they can set their prices high because they can. Not only do they serve major companies and cellular data, but they also hold the position of the market leader in terms of cellular network market control.

And people are willing to pay a high price because they get provided with expert extensive delivery and high-quality service.

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Why are Verizon phones so expensive?

Verizon phones are more expensive and they come with discounts that you can get from other service providers.

Their new 5G Ultra-wideband phone models usually cost more than normal ones because they have costly redesigns and need to be equipped with extra tech components so that things can run smoothly.

Other competitors still use 6-GHz frequency while Verizon uses a high-band spectrum employing 28 and 39 GHz bands.

Testing and certifying the antennas inside the phone is also a reason that causes prices to rise.

How much is an average Verizon bill?

Their plans start at $80 per month and go up to $180 per month.

If you do paperless billing and automatic payment then you will get a $10 reduction in bill regardless of the plan you choose.

Most people go for two plans – play more unlimited and do more unlimited. Both come at $90 per month.

Does Verizon have any hidden fees?

Yes, sometimes you will see that the price of your bills is higher than others. This is mainly because of things like Fed Universal Service Tax, regulatory charge, gross receipts surcharge, taxes, and other government surcharges.

All states impose a charge on every phone to contribute to 911 services, the amount of which varies from state to state.

Can negotiations be done with Verizon?

When you call to change or set up plans, you can try to negotiate with the sales rep.

Be calm and ask for a discount, get full information about what you are to pay. Try to call and avoid using chat. This can get you the best deal possible.

Is paying Verizon worth it?

It has the best coverage and is the leader in the telecom industry.

If you live in a rural or semi-rural area where internet connections are not very strong, Verizon’s 5G network works perfectly.

However, if you live in cities and are looking for a straightforward plan with 4G LTE you can look elsewhere.

How to get your money’s worth with Verizon service?

Bundling up will allow you to save a lot of money.

For example – get a mid-tier, 15 GB unlimited plan, it will allow you a lot of services. If you are already subscribed to Apple Music or Disney +, you can save some money by adding them to your Verizon plan.

Closing thought

Verizon might be a little more expensive than other service providers, but it is a few steps ahead in providing its services compared to others.

You also get a lot of options and can negotiate better discounts and deals over the phone.

Even though 5G‘s cost is controversial, things like these are in demand. Since the company leads the industry, it can adjust its price accordingly.

Hope this article helps.


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