Why should we connect many Bluetooth speakers?

Connecting many Bluetooth speakers is efficient to create mini-home stereo systems, especially when you move a lot, don’t have space to accommodate large speakers or want to recreate stereo with an easy set up.

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How to connect two or more Bluetooth speakers?

The main rule for this is that the speakers should be of same model or brand. although it is possible for speakers of different brands, but the process is rather difficult. 

The general process for connecting Bluetooth speakers is 

  • Turning on the Bluetooth of the phone or device 
  • Pair it with the name of the speakers shown on the screen 
  • Sometimes those need to be done manually or by using apps like AmpMe, Ultimate ears and Bose connect.

Using AmpMe to connect Bluetooth speaker: –

AmpMe is a very versatile app that is not any brand -specific.

It allows to stream music from Spotify, SoundCloud YouTube etc. while syncing your smartphones and Bluetooth speakers.

The steps you need to know for this are –

  • Download the app 
  • Link it to your Facebook or google account to check if any of your contact are on this app 
  • To join a party, you need to turn on your location service and find any party near you.
  • Tap ‘plus’ and select a platform such as Spotify or YouTube to start your own party.
  • Then tap ‘connect’
  • Log in your account and create a playlist 
  • invite your friends and family to join while at the party

How to connect Bluetooth speakers using audio company app 

  • UE BOOM app

This app only works with UE speakers It can be used to connect up to 50 speakers and thus creates a powerful audio system. The models that can be used for this app are UE BOOM, UE BOOM 2, and UE MEGABOOM. The app should also be installed in the phone you are to connect with.

Steps for using this app:

  1. Connect your smartphone and the app 
  2. Update the app to its latest version. (For update – press the three dashes on the top. blue screen will appear if update is available)
  3. Turn on all the speakers you wish to connect and keep your phone at least 5 meters away from your phone.
  4. Open the ‘party up’ screen. in the bottom you can see the name of the speakers you wish to connect.
  5. To connect the speaker, drag it to your speaker ‘s icon. 
  6. Do this for all the speakers 
  7. After this music will play on all the linked devices.
  8. To remove the speaker, drop down the speaker to the deleted speaker bar and drag your speaker icon down to delete the entire connection
  • Bose connect app 

To connect the Bose speaker, you either need to use the control button of the speaker or the Bose connect app.

These speakers can play in party mode or stereo mode. 

To use this app: –

  • Turn on both the speakers 
  • Connect only one speaker to your smartphone
  • Click on the icon of ‘party mode’
  • Then select continue 
  • Obviously give the speaker some time to connect 
  • To change to stereo mode, click “STEREO(L/R)” and to change to party mode click “STEREO(L/R)” again.
  • Samsung’s dual audio feature 

The access to this feature is only with users of Samsung galaxy S8, S+ and another new model .to enable this feature: –

  • Select ‘connection’ in the setting, then click on the Bluetooth option 
  • To turn on the ‘dual audio’, tap on the three vertical dots in the upper- right conner 
  • To use this feature pair your phone either with two headphone or speakers. audio will stream through both the devices, however if you add a third device it will be kicked off 

With this feature, you may experience unsynchronized Bluetooth speakers. due to which it is best to use this feature for speakers of separate rooms 

  • HomePod stereo pair 

It allows connection of two speakers with iPhone or mac. It requires a mac running on macOS Mojave or newer model.

Ways to do it: –

  • Set up the HomePod speakers in the same room 
  •  Use the home app to connect both the devices 
  • Tap setting after double -clicking the “HomePod”
  • Then select “create” and select “second HomePod”.
  • The two Homepod icons will appear 
  • Then tap “back” and then “done”

Best speaker brands that allow pairing –

  • JBL The Bluetooth features of these speakers allows to link multiple speakers.They allow users to build an ecosystem by connecting multiple speakers together User can also control the sound ecosystem with up to three smartphones.
  • UE- These speakers can be linked via the UE app, whose double up feature allows adding another speaker wirelessly.
  • Harman Kardon – They are quality portable Bluetooth speakers that can be connected to provide above – average sound quality.
  • Sony – They can be link up with 10 speakers. some speakers have lighting and audio effects to add to the entertainment capacities 

Some best speakers of 2021 –

Some speakers may have not many flexible settings but their sound and features are just so good, some of these are 

  • Bose – They not only look good but also have excellent sound quality, they are smart but pretty pricey.
  • JBL Charge 4 – They are potable with powerful bass sound and great battery life. it also has excellent power bank capacity 
  • Bang and Olufsen Beoplay A1 – This speaker are potable and has a balanced and detailed sound quality. it also has a nice battery life.
  • Anker Soundcore 2 – They are one of the best-selling potable speakers that offers nice quality sound and excellent battery life, 
  • JBL Clip 3- It is one of the best budget Bluetooth speakers with a very loud sound. it has a carabiner chip which is used to hang keychain or to bag pack.

Connecting speakers are not easy, it can be done manually or by apps. 

Hope this article helps.  

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