Top 10 Best Online Actual Size Ruler in Metric & Inches

The Internet is known to be one of the most reliable ways to locate answers to all our queries using search engines. Here are the 10 best actual size rulers online in metric and inches. Despite that, the internet does not prove helpful for measuring things in the real world! Isn’t that the case? Now, if you don’t think the Internet can help you measure something physical, get your facts straight since it’s now a completely different world than what we imagined.

What do you think is the best way to measure an object if you do not have a real ruler with you? Having an internet connection and being tech-savvy makes nothing impossible! You can get your job done in seconds using an online 12-inch ruler.

Best Online Actual Size Ruler in Metric & Inches

“Can real physical objects be measured using an online 12″ ruler?” seems to be the first question that arises. It is possible to answer this question YES! Real-size rulers and virtual rulers can indeed be almost as accurate as actual-size rulers.

Throughout this article, you will learn about the top 10 actual-size rulers, as well as how they work. Although we have tried mentioning the best virtual ruler once, the websites mentioned do not appear to be in any particular order, so please browse through each website one by one to find the best virtual ruler for you.

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The 10 Best Metric and Inch Size Rulers Online

The physical ruler is the best option to use when measuring something tangible, but if we are in a hurry and don’t have a physical ruler along then we can use online actual size rulers instead.

It measures objects both metrically (i.e. in cm and mm) and in inches (in). A calibration method is used by Online Actual Size Ruler as well.

  1. You can calibrate your monitor by referring to its pixels per inch (PPI). 
  2. Calibrating using common objects is the second way to do it. A reference is taken from real objects when using this method.
  3. As a third option, refer to the size of your screen in inches.

By referring to your screen size in inches, the third method has the least accuracy of all the methods mentioned. As a result, before we move further, let’s take a look at the top 10 best online actual-size rulers in both metric and inches.

1. iRuler


Online real-size rulers in metric and inches can be found at iRuler, a favorite when it comes to measuring. Its accuracy is what makes iRuler stand out as the best in the industry.

Additionally, it offers measurements in mm, cm, and even inches. It’s extremely easy to use iRuler. The first thing you will see when you visit the iRuler website is a nice-looking brownish ruler that looks more accurate. You can also use the screen size to measure the physical object you hold below the ruler.

If you have multiple displays, you could even pick one from these displays for maximum accuracy.

2. FreeOnlineRuler


Among the online actual size rulers we have, FreeOnlineRuler has metric and inch dimensions. Nevertheless, it’s a very user-friendly ruler. 

A very neat and easy-to-use interface can be found on this online ruler.

FreeOnlineRuler’s website is only noticeable due to the actual size ruler. The free online ruler website does not show the actual size of the ruler. Measure physical objects using this ruler in inches and centimeters. Drag and rotate options are the best feature of this ruler.

The ruler can be dragged anywhere on the screen according to your preferences. You can also move the ruler by clicking on it and dragging the mouse wherever you like on the screen. Moreover, if the object you are measuring is verticle, you can also turn this ruler in that direction. If you wish to rotate the ruler in any direction, simply press and drag the control button.

3. Actual Size Online Ruler


Ehi Kioya invented this ruler on his blog It allows you to measure physical objects using the screen resolution of your computer. Based on HTML5 and JavaScript, this ruler displays actual size.

The size of your screen will be automatically measured when you visit the actual size online ruler page, and this measurement is based on the size of your CPU display. You can select another screen dimension to assure the maximum accuracy if the mentioned screen dimension does not match yours.

You can easily measure your object considering your monitor screen as a reference if you know details such as your screen resolution and monitor size.

4. Piliapp


Piliapp measures objects in both metric and imperial units (mm/cm). In order to maximize the accuracy of the actual size ruler, you will be asked to confirm your monitor or screen size in a pop-up window upon visiting Pilippp’s inch or metric ruler.

It is sufficient to confirm the dimensions provided or to select the correct dimension if they are correct. With this amazing ruler, you can measure your object.

5. Ginifab Actual Size Ruler


A quick measurement can be obtained by using Ginifab’s actual size ruler, which is a free online ruler based on the PPI (Pixel per inch) of your computer monitor. The site itself explains how you can use the ruler. You will find an explanation of how to use this ruler on the provided web address.

This online ruler allows you to measure any object you desire by following the steps carefully.

6. Actual Size Ruler


It is fairly easy to use and very neat to use the Actual Size Ruler online ruler. There are no additional settings to do or information to fill out, e.g. screen resolution, monitor size, etc.

If you visit the online ruler as soon as possible, it will detect your screen resolution by itself and display the ruler fit for your screen. This online ruler can be used as a reference to easily measure your object. It is also very convenient to have the vertical and horizontal scale available with just one click with this online ruler. You can choose either a horizontal or vertical ruler by selecting the scale type from the list.

7. A Ruler For Windows


With A Ruler for Windows, you can quickly and easily measure objects online with the help of a free, reliable ruler. With its on-screen pixel ruler, which is compatible with all Windows versions from 10, 8.1, to 8, 7, Vista, and XP, it’s one of the best.

Other online rulers are only available in one language, whereas this ruler is multilingual and can be used to design websites, work with graphics, and improve your digital products.

8. Online Ruler


Your computer’s setup determines how accurately this ruler works. This ruler is completely written in CSS.  This ruler has an easy-to-use interface that is really accurate.

As soon as you visit the Online Ruler homepage, you will see two rulers. There is a 1 Foot ruler and also a metric ruler (30 cm). The object you wish to measure can be measured with any of these rulers

9. On Screen Pixel Ruler


Lastly, we have the Onscreen pixel ruler in our list of online rulers. Compared to other rulers, this one works differently. Three steps are required to use this ruler online.

  • Press PrtScn or Alt+PrtScn to capture the screen you would like to measure.
  • Then press the Ctrl+V keys together to paste the page on your screen.
  • The length is obtained by clicking on two pixels.

10. PreciseRuler


Finally, we have the Precise Ruler which is the last one we have on the list. To measure online objects using this ruler, it’s extremely precise and clutter-free. This online ruler has a very clean interface.

You will initially notice only the ruler when you visit the first page. You must specify your monitor’s actual size by clicking on the top option in order to be sure that the measurement is accurate. You can now measure your desired object with the help of this ruler as soon as you specify the screen dimensions.

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We have compiled ten of the best online rulers to help you measure things quickly when you don’t have a ruler handy. I hope this list was helpful to you. If so, please share it!

We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. If you have any doubts, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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