How to boost bluetooth signal?

Bluetooth has upgraded itself from original version 1.0 since 1994 to current Bluetooth version 4.2. The quality has been improved according to the customer’s choice & changing period of technology.

People face problems while using bluetooth devices. One of the major issues is signal strength.


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How to boost bluetooth signal?

You can adopt any method to improve your Bluetooth signal. You can either change the location or position of the device or place it closer to increase the signal strength. For a better result, imply signal boosters and upgrade your firmware.

The complications raised by the poor signal strength of bluetooth speakers have forced developers and organizations to look for ways to improve the signal strength and ensure proper connection.

They are successful in improving the quality of bluetooth speakers. The continuous development of bluetooth, creation of applications to boost the bluetooth signal, range, extenders etc.

Signal strength depends highly on the range of bluetooth & number of devices connected to phone or PC. Though there are some other causes of poor signal, let’s go through them.

Why is my bluetooth signal weak?

There are various reasons for suffering signal problems, like poor bluetooth connection between devices. These kinds of issues can be solved easily and improve the signal strength of Bluetooth devices.

How to boost bluetooth signal by fixing physical obstacles:-

The Bluetooth device will work better if there are no physical obstacles in the transmission pathway as it will lead to a poor Bluetooth signal. Obstacles such as a phone’s cover, a bag, walls between the devices or thick metal walls. These will block the signal from the bluetooth device to the connected device.

You should keep the devices close to each other because when these devices are closer they will work under a strong signal.

How to boost bluetooth signal being away from the wifi transmitting device?

A Wi-Fi transmitting device nearby can be the cause of poor signal. Both Wi-Fi & Bluetooth use the same 2.4GHz radio frequency band, which will make you experience a weak signal.

You can switch off the WiFi transmitting device to allow the bluetooth to access the frequency alone or moving away from the WiFi will also improve the connectivity.

Stay away from devices emitting electromagnetic radiation

If you are using a bluetooth device near places, emitting electromagnetic radiation can cause a poor Bluetooth signal.

Appliances such as microwaves produce electromagnetic radiation which affects the Bluetooth signal.

How to boost bluetooth signal by disconnecting multiple devices?

Bluetooth holds a limitation on connecting devices because too many devices can lead to poor bluetooth signal. If more than seven devices are connected to Bluetooth, then it causes poor connection between devices.

You won’t be able to communicate & have to turn off other devices that are interfering. Only one device connected to bluetooth would help to build a strong bluetooth signal.

Reduce the applications running on the host device

The bluetooth connection may suffer if too many applications are running at once on a phone or PC(host device). You may face the buffering of the bluetooth signal from the host device.

How to boost bluetooth signal by reducing the distance between bluetooth devices and host device?

The distance may be the leading reason for the poor Bluetooth signal. Bluetooth works best within the range of 32 feet. A range greater than this will lead to poor connection between devices. Long distance will also give rise to interference in the signals.

How to boost bluetooth signal after purchasing up-to-date bluetooth gadgets?

Bluetooth speakers are under continuous development and when a new version is built, it is installed on the latest device’s software version.

The developers would keep a check on old models & then modify the latest model accordingly. New gadgets with the latest features will perform well. It would be good to purchase the latest ones & get the benefits of the latest updates from Bluetooth on your devices.

How to boost bluetooth signal?

A number of ways can boost your bluetooth signal. You can go through the following methods:-

The Bluetooth router:-

This device helps in boosting the Bluetooth signal from your host to other devices. It doubles the range that it generally serves & boosts the Bluetooth signal strength.

If the Bluetooth serves a range of 32 feet, then it can serve up to 64 feet with a router.

The number of devices can be increased from seven to fourteen devices served by the host device using the Bluetooth router. You will be able to enjoy the audio without buffering.

Updating the Firmware:-

Make sure you are using up-to-date software and hardware devices. Continuous updates are necessary to prevent short-circuiting & also provide the benefits of the latest version.

Yes, you can manually update the firmware of your motherboard and search for your model which can be installed to serve better.

How to boost bluetooth signal using Bluetooth Signal Booster App 3.0:-

It is a paid app for android devices. The latest model is 3.0. This app will optimize & boost the Bluetooth signal on android devices. You need to install this application & restart your phone, wait for a few seconds for a strong Bluetooth connection.

How to boost bluetooth signal using a long-range transmitter:-

A Bluetooth transmitter or receiver with long range can allow you to stream music from any device to your speakers, which includes your phone, laptop, tablet or desktop.

The device will boost Bluetooth range up to 220 feet from the host device. But, keep in mind that Wi-Fi routers & physical obstacles may reduce the boosted range.

The signal strength becomes weak as the distance between transmitter & receiver grows. Therefore, look for a model that will enhance signal strength with expanding range.

How to boost bluetooth signal using a Bluetooth Repeater:-

Repeaters pick up messages & repeat them within an area. You can extend the range using bluetooth repeaters.

Bluetooth Repeater will increase the network’s size without any complicated upgrades to the initial device.


Make sure that you are within the Bluetooth range & there are no obstacles or interference between devices and the host device. Keep your device updated, use a bluetooth router.

SIG Bluetooth, which is the regulator of Bluetooth technology, is constantly improving. You should use an up-to-date gadget to avoid performance issues. The Bluetooth Mesh Technology allows many-to-many communication.

You should update firmware on your device. Approach manufacturers for the latest updates to make your Bluetooth more compatible with devices.

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