Can You Charge Your Beats Flex With An iPhone Charger?

You can use a USB-C cable to charge your beats, just as the iPhone uses a USB-C cable to charge itself, so yes, you can use it to charge beats.

Once the charger is connected and you have completely changed the beats then it lasts for about twelve hours.

Can You Charge Your Beats Flex With An iPhone Charger

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To charge the beat flex, what do I need to do?

The USB-C cable is given with the beats the only thing you need to check is that it is properly plugged and that the outlet is compatible

you can also charge it with the help of your iPhone or laptop.


One of the main advantages is that it is wireless.

You can pause the music by removing the buds because of their magnetic attachment. Having auto-play allows you to enjoy the music after reinserting it.

Are beats comfortable?

As they are lightweight, allowing you to enjoy your music for a long time. They also do not fit deeply in the ear canal.

The buds are soft and the design allows them to be well balanced and hang comfortably on your neck.

The sound quality of the beats

They provide a nice acoustic sound because of the dual chamber and the driver that is layered, it provides a nice bass separated by stereo making it perfect for hip-hop and rap

However, the treble is not very great, making the vocals sound cryptic. there is a nice balance with mid-mid. You can also experience a nice bump in your high-mid. This may lead to cracking sounds of instruments.

In general, the sound is crisp and clear making it worth the price.

Beat’s reaction to the frequency

Even though you may not like how earbuds are not as accurate as they should be to the frequency, their reaction is pretty consistent.

Noise-canceling feature 

The beats do not have the noise cancellation feature.

A decrease in sound is obtained through your beats and tips which allows your ear to be blocked.

How to check the battery life of beats?

There is an app for beats flex. Open that and find the screen that shows what device is connected and there you will find how much charge is left.

Can I use the charger of my MacBook to charge beats flex?

As MacBook uses a USB-C cable to charge it and as mentioned above beats use a USB-C cable to charge therefore yes you can use the charger of MacBook to charge the beats, you can charge your beats from MacBook or any other android device.

How to charge the beats flex?

When your beats need to be charged the LED indicator will turn red, which means that the charge is less than 40%. That is when you should charge it. When the light turns White, it means that it is completely charged and you can remove it from charge.

Can you submerge the beats in water?

They are not rated to be used in water and so you should not use them while bathing or charging.

Bluetooth of beats flex

USBC and AAC are compatible, however, aptX is not, and this may be frustrating.

You also can not pair multiple devices with beats at the Same time .it also does not cooperate with the W1 chip which is present in older apple devices.

How to reset the beats flex

To rest your beats, follow these step

Press both the power and the volume button together, after a few seconds you will see a flash then release the buttons, the reset is done.

Can you do gaming using the beats?

 You can not use this for gaming as even though you can use it as a Bluetooth headphone, you will not get the true capacity you expect from a gaming headphone.

For whom are beaten flex most suitable?

They are perfect for travelers as they are lightweight as well as flexible and portable providing a comfortable experience.  

It is also good for you if you are working out, they provide heavy bass that keeps you energetic throughout.

Regardless of the water rating, they work perfectly fine for running

With 11 hours of battery life, you can enjoy it your entire day.

For whom is being beaten not suitable?

They do not have the feature of noise cancellation, so they are not very useful in places full of people like buses, planes, etc.

It is difficult to enjoy them in long calls, short calls are fine.

Holding online meetings and teaching using these are also bad ideas.

Hope this article helps 

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