How to Connect Two Bluetooth Headphones Simultaneously

Technology is all about creating additional convenience, which goes for Bluetooth technology still. Whereas connecting a Bluetooth earpiece to a tool wirelessly was a breakthrough, connecting 2 or additional headphones at the same time is an excellent accomplishment. During this article, we are going to learn the way to attach 2 Bluetooth headphones at the same time with totally different devices.

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With wired headphones, connecting multiple headphones is accomplished with the assistance of a splitter. However, for Bluetooth headphones, things will get a touch tough, however, the nice f, the actor is that it’s accomplishable.

This can as a result of the pre-installed Bluetooth device featured in your laptop computer or desktop that might not be capable of connecting 2 headsets while providing smart audio quality. That’s wherever the electrode comes in.

There are many Bluetooth signal electrode devices within the market that may confuse you. As a wise purchaser, select one with low latency and supports 2 or additional headphones. With such a tool, you’ll be ready to expertise higher sound quality and avoid sound delays.

After shopping for the proper electrode, update your desktop or laptop computer Bluetooth drivers to avert any software package issue.

Set your signal electrode device to transfer mode (TX) by moving the slider that’s settled at the facet of your device. As for the opposite slider, set it to auxiliary mode (AUX), associate mistreatment with an auxiliary cable, and connect the electrode to your laptop computer.

That done, set each of your Bluetooth headphones to combine mode. activate the electrode and provide your headphones time to set with the electrode.

Windows 10

Windows ten includes an inherent configuration that enables it to share audio with multiple Bluetooth devices directly. However, it still needs a Bluetooth transmitter or splitter to activate this performance. For PCs with over one audio port, a splitter might not be necessary. A Stereo Mixer is employed in these PCs

To do this, open the “Control Panel”, click on “Sound” and choose “Recording.” Right-click on the “Stereo Mixer” to line it because the default device then faucets the “Listen” tab. On this tab, choose “Listen to the present Device” and choose the headphones you would like to use.

There are drawbacks to this setup, together with volume management problems, headphones compatibility issues, uncontrollable latency, and lack of syncing between the 2 headphones.

Linux; OS

Similar to Windows ten, Linux system} and OS operating systems need Bluetooth splitters to permit 2 headphones to figure at the same time. Once shopping for the splitter, guarantee your package is noncommissioned to be compatible with it. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting some time and cash.

Audio-mixing software package is another choice for enabling  2 Bluetooth headphones to share audio.

To get additional info on a way to use a splitter or audio intermixture software package along with your package, you’ll be able to contact the manufacturer. The manufacturer can offer in-depth pointers on what to try to do and what to not do.


The signal electrode device you acquire to attach the 2 headphones to your laptop computer additionally comes in handy here.

With televisions, set the device in SPDIF mode rather than auxiliary mode. Use the SPDIF cable to attach the transmitter to your tv. Once connected, you’ll be ready to combine 2 or additional headphones to relish your game or motion picture.

For TVs that don’t have a SPDIF port, you’ll plan out another resolution. In this case, a Bluetooth device or the other device that doesn’t want the SPDIF link can do. Some transmitters will accomplish this.

Thanks to transmitters, users will connect over a combination of Bluetooth headphones. Transmitters also are versatile, permitting use across laptops, desktops, and tv sets. They additionally provide smart battery capability and have cables that permit affiliation via the television’s USB charger or USB port.

Switch on the transmitter device and set it to auxiliary mode then connect it to the television’s receiver port. If your tv doesn’t have the receiver port, use the RCA audio output. Like with the signal electrode device, activate the transmitter and combine the headphones one at a time. In regarding ten seconds, the pairing is going to be complete, permitting you to relish your shows.


Apple recently removed the proprietary earpiece jack, therefore, eliminating the chance of audio rending between 2 earphones once a wired audio splitter is employed. With this removal, mistreatment of 2 headphones at the same time has become nearly not possible. Users could transfer third-party apps to be ready to use 2 earphones at a go.

Luckily, Apple with iOS thirteen.2 has additional “Share Audio”, a brand new feature that creates its potential for users to pay attention to similar audio on 2 different Bluetooth devices at the same time. A limitation to the present feature is that it’s solely on the market for earphones or headphones with Apple’s H1 or W1 chip like AirPods or Beats devices.

To use this feature on iPad and iPhone, move to the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone and combine each headphone, one by one. beginning with one earpiece, connecting it, and playing any audio. Open the “Control Center.” For iPhones while not the house button, swipe down from the proper corner, and for those with the house, the button swipes up from the very cheap screen.

Click on the music choice for additional choices. look for the “Share Audio” choice and choose it. Sound on the Share Audio feature can prompt your iPhone to share the music with the second earpiece. Currently, you’ll be able to manually regulate the number of individual headphones.


Mac’s package is pre-configured to permit the linking of multiple headphones, each wired and wireless, to the device. In this case, connecting 2 Bluetooth headphones shouldn’t be a drag.

First things initial, make sure the Bluetooth headphones are paired along with your mackintosh. Once paired, run the Audio MIDI Setup app found within the Utility folder. The Audio MIDI setup is delineated by a little clavier icon, therefore it shouldn’t be troublesome to find. This setup helps to form a Multi-Output Device that offers the mackintosh the flexibility to share the output with over one receiver at a similar time.

Click the “+” button found at the very cheap left of the “Audio Devices” window and choose “Create Multi-Output Device” and a listing of detected speakers can be seen within the right panel. 

Once that’s done, you’ve got to line up one device because of the “Master” device, and therefore the difference because of the “Slave” device. For Bluetooth headphones, tick the “Drift Correction” to assist in correct insulating material by keeping the 2 headphones in the set.


The inherent Bluetooth found in most smartphones, together with a robot, permits connecting only 1 device at a time. whereas this can be a significant let-down, some workarounds will offer you this synchronal usage.

If you’ve confirmed that your Type-C port outputs audio, you’ll be able to obtain a USB-Type-C Bluetooth audio adapter and find a figure. Once shopping for the associate adapter, certify it permits 2 devices directly.

Plug the Type-C Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Adapter into the USB-C port. Set the adapter into Bluetooth pairing mode (check your Adapter’s manual for step-by-step pointers on pairing). provides some seconds for Bluetooth to attach and take a look at the run to ascertain whether or not you’ll be able to hear your music.

If you can not hear your audio, move to the settings menu and set the Adapter because of the default audio output device. Again, set the adapter into pairing mode. Currently set the second combine of headphones into pairing mode still. Once connected, you must hear your music or podcast through the 2 headphones.

While mistreating 2 headphones, solely the mike within the initial combination of headphones can perform. As for the second earpiece, it’ll permit paying attention to voice communication, however, it can have no input.

For users with Samsung Galaxy S8, pairing 2 or additional headphones is feasible. To activate it, flip your phone’s Bluetooth and combine it with one earpiece. Once enabled, this feature permits synchronic use of each headphone.

While this technique is straightforward, the affiliation between the 2 headphones and your phone is compromised once you are outdoors. Thanks to several distractions outside, pairing disruptions are certain to occur. Therein case, it’s better to own your S8 at an in-depth distance to avoid poor signal quality.

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