How Do I Get My Bose Speaker To Stop Beeping?

Bose is a very popular brand that has won the hearts of many people through its variety of designs and price range. This also includes Bluetooth speakers such as Bose SoundLink color II, Bose SoundLink revolve and Bose SoundLink revolve +.

There can be many reasons why your speaker could be beeping:

  •   It does not have enough charge
  •   There can be an error message
  •   The speaker is not plugged in correctly to the power source
  •   Your speaker has an outdated firmware version
  •   The micro-USB cable you are using is defective.
  •   The charging port or the power cable is dirty

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What to do so that the beeping sound stops?

The solutions depend on the cause of the problem. here are some solutions:

1. Instead of using the computer’s USB, use the plug-in port.

The computer USB ports are designed to transfer data so they may not supply enough voltage to charge your speaker. If you want fast charging, use the plug-in port. Sometimes wall-inbuilt USB ports have low ratings, so because of the low voltage charge, the speaker may be producing a beeping sound. try using a different USB cable or a different wall outlet.

2. Be sure that the charge of your speaker and device is full

The speaker produces a beeping sound when the battery is low. So make sure you charge the speaker completely before unplugging it.

When the battery light is green it means that you can unplug and when it is red it means that you will need to charge it.  For Bluetooth connection to work properly a certain amount of power is necessary, therefore when there is not sufficient charge it starts beeping

3. Unplug and replum the speaker

Try unplugging and replugging the speaker. press down the multifunctional button for 10 seconds and even if after that the beeping sound does not stop, press down the power button for 10 seconds to rest the speaker.

4. Update the firmware version of your Bose SoundLink

If the beeping continues despite trying all the above methods. it means that the firmware of the speaker is outdated and you will need to update the firmware, to do that link your speaker and computer and browse and update to the latest. also, update the music app on your phone to avoid any problem

5. Reset the speaker by pressing the mute button

The beeping sound is designed to make the user aware of any problem degrading the speaker. to resolve the beeping sound, hold down the mute button for 10 seconds and if it does not work after that reset the speaker and turn it on again and then see.

6. Clean the power cable and USB port

Sometimes if used for a long-time dirt and debris get collected which can act as a blockage, so clean them off nicely, and if it still makes the sound use a different power cable.


Speakers are programmed in such a way that they will produce a beeping sound to alert the users regarding the problem with the speaker. You can try the solutions mentioned in the article above and if they do not work you can call their consumer care number or even check their website for a solution.

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