Why Does My Bose Bluetooth Speaker Keep Turning Off?

Bose Bluetooth speakers do stand out the most because of their design and pricing.

It has a wide range of speakers to look around be it portable or for home, it has you covered.

However, since they are electronic devices, they ought to have some software and hardware issues. However, some main reasons as to why this might be happening and some solutions to the problem.

1. The speaker might have the automatic power-off device setting on to conserve power

Most speakers nowadays come with an auto-off feature to conserve power. This feature allows the speaker to turn off in case no audio is playing and no button is touched for 20 mins.

Even if you have connected any device via Bluetooth and it became out of range, then also after 20 mins the power will turn off. However, the timing after which the device turns off varies from model to model.

To turn this feature on or off, follow these steps:

  1. Press the volume up button and the multi-functional button at the same time. keep pressing until you hear “auto-off disabled “
  1. If you wish to turn the feature back on, follow the same procedure and the speaker will alert you when it is on again.

You can however use Bose Connect to disable the feature easily.

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2. Low or damaged battery

Using Bluetooth technology means that you are consuming a lot of power. Due to which sometimes if your device has low power, it keeps getting disconnected as the power left is not sufficient for the connectivity. so please ensure that both the Bluetooth speaker and your device have full or at least sufficient charge.

If you are using the Bose Bluetooth speaker for more than 5 years you should think about replacing the battery. the the faulty battery will keep charging for fewer hours and hence keep turning off.

You can change the battery yourself using the self-replacement battery but always buy those batteries from an authorized Bose dealer.

3. If your Bluetooth device is out of range

If your device is out of range, the speakers will keep turning off. in some models of Bluetooth speakers, previously paired devices, if in range, get connected. some models such as

Bose SoundLink Revolve is equipped with low-energy Bluetooth technology that automatically turns on when you connect your device and automatically turns off when your device becomes out of range or you disconnect it.

In case your speaker goes off the the first thing to check is the Bluetooth connectivity between the devices.

Re-pairing should be enabled so that you can enable or disable auto-pairing.

4. Dirty battery terminal

Your Bluetooth speaker terminal may get dirty due to which your speaker may keep turning off because of low power.

To prevent these, open the battery cover to see for any deposits or debris.

To clean your terminals, use a spray can with electrical contact cleaner or even fine sandpaper. Do that periodically to ensure that the dirt does not gather or get deposited.

Before cleaning, remove the battery. Use a cotton or paper towel to protect the circuit board and battery then rub off the rest.

Ensure everything is dry before installing the batteries again. do this once every three months.

5. Power outlet can be faulty

If your power source is not properly rated, it will get disconnected to save the circuit board from a short circuit.

So do ensure that the rating of your power, wall outlet, or computer matches the minimum required rating of the speaker.

Sometimes even using a different cable than the + can cause this to happen because the cable is incompatible with the speaker.

6. Malfunction of Bose connect app

In case your speaker is connected to Bose connect app ensures that it is running the latest firmware and also your app is updated. if there is a bug in your application the speaker will turn off.

Connect your speaker to the internet to update the software of the speaker. once it is updated, restart and properly pair it with your device.

7. Charging port is faulty

If plugged in a low-rated charging port, your Bose Bluetooth speaker will turn off. the USB ports on laptops and computers are not always rated to charge the device, causing the speaker to frequently turn off.

To prevent this from happening, ensure that the device is fully charged before using it. It is preferred to use a wall outlet rather than the USB of any laptop or computer.

Even excess accumulation of dirt and debris will cause your charging port to be faulty, so ensure that it is clean before inserting your Bose Bluetooth speaker. Be sure that the charging port is dry before reattaching your speaker to it.

If the problem persists use a different charging cable and port to see if it works properly, if it just that means that you will have to replace your original charging port and cable.

8. Faulty configuration setting

Sometimes Bluetooth speakers come with a default setting. Sleep timer varies depending on the model of the speaker. If the speaker gets turned off after the same time, that means there is a configuration issue. To avoid this, you can set the device to default and set the timer to your desired duration.

If someone else has set it either intentionally or accidentally, then your speaker will require a factory reset.

Before resetting, ensure that the firmware is updated to the latest version, and to reset the speaker, hold down the power button of the speaker for ten seconds unless you see the flashing blue light. After making your desired configuration, try pairing the devices again to see if it works or not.


Even though Bose speakers are built to be rugged, robust, and long-lasting, sometimes that can cause problems like turning off.

To avoid such problems, avoid buying substandard speakers and buy speakers only from authorized Bose dealers. if the problem is not solved go to the Bose store for service

Hope this article helps 


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