How do I turn off Bose Soundlink Revolve?

The Bose Soundlink Revolve is the best speaker with directional sound. This speaker offers a 360 degree audio experience & is mostly preferred for parties where everyone wants to experience a great sound. It’s fantastic until you have to power it off when not in use. Switching off is a common problem for some speakers & Bose soundlink is one of them.


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How to turn off Bose Soundlink Revolve?

You can turn off the Bose soundlink by pressing down the power button. If your speaker is inactive for 30 minutes, then it will power off. It seems quite simple, but is actually more complicated than pressing the power button. Some of the caveats determine whether your speaker will remain powered down or not.

In this article, we will go through some common issues to understand how to turn off the Bose soundlink as it doesn’t turn off easily.

Soundlink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker:-

The Bose Soundlink Revolve is a cylindrical-shaped speaker. It is wireless, portable, versatile & quite practical. In terms of convenience, the speaker offers a waterproof & dustproof design. It has 13 hours of battery life & also has an optional charging dock.

Bose Soundlink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker allows you to pair devices easily & it will automatically connect to your device or smartphone next time you power it on. It’s better to use a wired connection, there is 3.5mm input & six buttons on top of the speaker will let you switch easily between inputs. A LED light indicates connection.

You can power it on & off & adjust the volume. If you want to know the battery level, press down the power button & voice prompt will let you know. The multi-function button that has three dots can be used to play, pause & skip the music. You can use it to speak to a smart device’s voice assistant.

The Bose Soundlink Revolve will easily power on even at low when you turn on paired devices such as a smartwatch, laptop, iPad or tablet. This could be a good thing because you don’t have to struggle while connecting to a device or, a bad thing, because your speaker is turned on even when not in use.

Bluetooth Low Energy in Bose Speakers:-

Bluetooth Low Energy is a new set up for low power audio transmission over Bluetooth. It has been adopted for a wide range of applications, such as smartphones, smartwatches, hearing aids & home sensors.

It claims lower energy consumption & packs a decent codec that offers improved audio & sound quality as compared to typical Bluetooth capabilities.

Bluetooth Low Energy provides lots of features like the ability to broadcast through Bluetooth to several devices at the same time, and integration in smart devices for convenient pairing & operation. Due to BLE’s low power consumption, applications run for a long time but transmit a small amount of data.

How to turn off Bose soundlink if BLE stops it?

The BLE in Bose Soundlink Revolve speaker is able to connect with multiple devices at the same time. The speaker can receive audio from multiple sources without shifting between devices. Even if the audio source is not interrupted when a new device is paired, some interference may occur from the dropping in & out of gadgets.

Its connection to multiple devices is the reason that Bose speaker is easily turned on. It doesn’t shut off easily because it remains in sleep mode until a paired device is activated.

The Bose Soundlink Revolve doesn’t fully shut down because of BLE, in a nutshell. If you press the power button, it remains on standby & can be turned on by Bose Connect App.

How to turn off Bose Soundlink Revolve Speaker ?

The Bose Soundlink Revolve speaker can be turned on when the Auto on/off feature is activated. You can deactivate this mode & power down your device by pressing the power button. It doesn’t shut off if it is using the following power sources & connections:-

AUX connection operated on battery or AC power

Bluetooth connection operated on battery power

In order to disable the Auto on/off mode in your Soundlink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker, press & hold Volume+ & the input mode button. You will hear “Auto off disabled”. After deactivating, power it off & it will turn off in 30 minutes.

What if Bose Soundlink doesn’t Power Down?

If the above-mentioned methods don’t work out, then don’t worry, you still have the option to power it off.

Resetting the Bose Soundlink Revolve & leave it in the Power off state:-

Resetting a Bluetooth speaker is the easiest way to solve issues including pairing concerns & power issues. This will ensure that there’s no issue with the speaker’s software & is able to clear the cache & forget all the connected devices.

First check if the device pairs before resetting it & check it using the Bose Connect App. Now, reset your Bose Soundlink Revolve by pressing & holding the power button for 10 seconds. You need to press the multi-function button of the speaker to select English. The speaker will restart himself. Leave the speaker in ‘off’ mode,& it will power down after some time.

NOTE:- You should follow the instructions for the Bose Soundlink Revolve speaker as different models come with specific instructions. Visit Bose’s support website, enter the model of Bose speaker in the search box & get guidelines on how to reset it.

1.Disable Bluetooth on Connected Devices:-

Instead of resetting the speaker, you can also disable Bluetooth from paired devices or forget the speaker from the connection list. Bose Connect App can activate the speaker & send it into Party or Stereo mode. If you deactivate or turn off Bluetooth in paired devices, then the speaker is not turned on randomly.

2.Updating the Software/Apps:-

The new version of software can fix bugs & other flaws of previous versions. It is required to update Bose Soundlink Revolve software to the latest version to fix the issues.

3.Technical Support:-

If you have tried everything, but failed to solve the issues, then your Revolve speaker needs technical support.


It is great to have a Bose Soundlink Revolve speaker for those who want a portable Bluetooth speaker & amazing audio. Due to its design & use of Bluetooth technology, it can be powered on different connected devices but makes it difficult for you to turn it off.

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