What Does The Blue Light Mean On AirPods?

AirPods flash different colors to represent the different statuses of the AirPods and to keep the user updated about their status.

but if your AirPods are flashing solid or blinking blue light it is not a real AirPods and AirPods do not have the feature of blue light it is a knock-off sold by buyers.

the real AirPods do emit light but only in white, amber, or green never blue.

What do these represent?

White flashing- means that your AirPods are in pairing mode. 

Amber flashing- it represents an error in pairing. you will have to hit reset so that it functions properly.

Amber when the pods are in the case- if your pods are in it, it means that the pods are charging and not yet fully charged.

Amber while the power source is connected – AirPods have been charged

Green when pods are in the case – it means that your AirPods are completely charged

Green without AirPods in it – the case is fully charged

Green when connected with a power source – remove the case from the charger as it is fully charged

No light – the AirPods die, you will have to charge them immediately.

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How to check whether my AirPods are charging or not?

Follow the steps 

  • Find today’s view by swiping your home screen right 
  • Look for the battery widget on that screen
  • In case you cannot find it press ‘edit’
  • Then tap the plus sign on the top right corner
  • Search for batteries and select the option
  • Then adjust it as to how you want it and tap ‘add widget’
  • Then press done
  • From now on you will be able to see the battery status of your AirPods and cases on your phone screen.
  • However, they will only appear when the pods are in use and the case is closed.

You can also see the battery status by opening the case near your iPhone as you unlock the iPhone the battery status will appear.

And the third option is to ask Siri about the battery status of the pods.

Where is the AirPods light status at?

It completely depends on the model of AirPods you own. If you own any one generation of AirPods look for the light status between two earbuds inside the case. by simply opening the lid you can view it.

In case you have AirPods or a pro that has wireless charging, the flight status will be located on the front side below the lid .and when you charge them the light glows for 8 seconds.

What to do if I bought a fake Apple product?

There is nothing Apple will do, nor will they give you a refund or will give you an original pair of AirPods. If you want to make it a big deal then you will have to shell out more money and try filing a claim with the Better Business Bureau and also get other shoppers to know about the fraud.

How to know if your AirPods are fake or not?

The best way to check if the AirPods are genuine is by matching their serial number with Apple’s official record, you will find the code inside the case on the lid.

Another way is by looking at the diffuser on the earbuds. if it is properly aligned with the smaller hole that means that you got a genuine product but if they are misaligned or look cheaply made, it is a knock-off.

The faker version has a thinner metal outline around the lighting port and they are of different colors.

Also, in the case of fake products, the circle button is usually higher than the real one. In bold gray, it is written that it is “designed by Apple in California /assembled in China” the hinge on these fake products is made of cheap plastic and are placed differently.

Places where I can get my AirPods authenticated

You can try and take your AirPods to a nearby apple store so that they can check the serial number against the list of registered numbers.

Closing thought

Sellers can produce look-alike products and sell them as apple products, this type of advertising happens all the time.

Just be sure if your AirPods are a glowing blue that means that they are not real AirPods

Hope this article helps.

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