What Do the Lights on Airpods Mean ?

If you’ve recently bought your Apple Airpods or just aren’t familiar with the product then you might be wondering what the lights on the case means. But there is nothing to worry about the same. You will get to know what the white, amber, green and blinking lights mean if you keep reading.


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Where to find the status lights on an Airpod?

This totally depends on your Airpod model, but the status lights are usually on the outside of your case or on the inside. If you are using a first or second generation Airpod model then the status lights will be on the inside of the case. But if you are using Airpod pro, or Airpods that have a wireless charging case then the status lights will be on the outside.

What do these lights mean?

This totally depends on whether or not the lid is closed or open as Airpod lights can indicate various other things for the same light color. To know better about them, you can continue reading below:

  • Flashing light: This light occurs when you press the button on the back of your Airpod’s charging case. It indicates that your Airpods have entered pairing mode and are ready for a Bluetooth connection with a device. This can also happen by mistake if you accidentally pressed the pairing button on the back of the charging case.
  • Green light when Airpods are in the case: When you see this light with your pods in the case, it means that both the Airpods and the case are fully charged
  •  Green light when case is empty: When the case is empty and it shows a green light, it means that your Airpod case is fully charged.
  • Amber light when Airpods are inserted in the case: This occurs when you insert Airpods that are not yet fully charged in your case and that your case has started to charge them. Your Airpods could also be flashing a red light which also means the same. 
  •  Amber light when case is empty: This indicates that your case battery is not full and that it needs to be charged. When we see an amber or red light, it usually means that there is less than one full charge remaining.
  •  Amber light when the case is connected to a power source: This indicates that your Airpod case is being charged.
  • Green light when case is connected to a power source: This indicates that your case has been charged and you can disconnect it from the source.
  • Flashing amber light: This is not as common as the rest given above but if this happens, you need not worry as this just means that your Airpods are facing a pairing error and just needs to be reset and reconnected.
  • No light: When your Airpod case shows no light at all, it means that it has completely run out of battery. This usually happens when the user has not been paying attention to the warning lights.

This is everything regarding what the lights on your Airpods may mean.

What to do in case of amber blinking light?

There are some rare cases when problems in Airpods occur but there is nothing that can’t be solved. To solve this problem, you just need to reset your Airpods. It is not as difficult as it may sound, following few steps given below will help.

  1. Unpair your device.
  •   Usually, amber blinking lights indicate that there are some paring issues so you would need to unpair your device completely to get a clean fresh start.
  1. Reset your Airpods.
  • After unpairing your device, you would need to clean its memory and reset it. You can do this by pressing the setup button on the back of the case and press and hold it till the LED light flashes and blinks white continuously
  1. Pair your Airpods to your device.
  • Now that you have unpaired and cleaned its memory, you must pair it back again to reconnect and enjoy using it again.

Now it would either go back int a working order but if not, then you can retry this and if it still does not work, it would mean that it’s a functional problem. You would then need to get in contact with the apple store and get it replaced.

Airpod lights in case of wireless charging.

In case your Airpods use a wireless charging case then, when you place your case on the wireless charging pad, the LED light case would take about 8-10 seconds to indicate that charging has started. It would not show any light regarding the status so you would have to either tap on the case or take it off the pad for the LED to light up again

This was all about what the light on AirPods mean. 

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