Best Tactical Bluetooth Earpiece for Everyday wear

What is a tactical Bluetooth earpiece you may ask? Well, it is an easy-to-use, compact and convenient Bluetooth device that sits behind your ear and is attached to an earbud and microphone which makes it hands-free.

Tactical earpieces are also known as radio headsets or even surveillance. We must have seen all the bodyguard or security guards wearing little earpieces, they are these. 

In this article, we will tell you about some of the best tactical Bluetooth earpieces for everyday wear. 


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What must one look for before buying?

  • Sound quality: this might just be the main thing that your earpiece must have as sound is a key attribute to any device for clear two-way communication. 
  • Noise cancellation: the technology which is used to reduce noise interference is called CVC (clear voice capture). This technology uses an audio frequency that cancels out ambient noise.  
  • Pricing: another thing that becomes an important deciding factor. You must look at what brands you are considering and then compare them all to see which price fits best in your range. Spending the right amount of money is important. If you end up buying a cheap product and realize it is not worth the money, you would just be wasting your money. This is why finding the correct product at a good price is important. 
  • Features and gestures: every product has its own features and gestures but you must look for a product that has the features and gestures that you want. If you have no intention of taking your earbuds in the shower, you need not search for water-resistant earbuds. Know what your requirements are and look for them thoroughly. 
  • Battery life: battery life is crucial and important. The more battery capacity your earpieces have, the longer they will last with just one charge. You wouldn’t want to buy a product that runs out of battery very fast. 
  • Compatibility: another important thing you should look at before buying these earpieces is compatibility. They should be compatible with all the devices that you have. You should always check it by reading the description or asking the manufacturer. 

Some of the best Tactical Bluetooth earpiece


This comexion wireless Bluetooth earpiece is an adjustable and reversible ear hook that fits any ear shape. This is also available in three sizes which makes it more comfortable than many earpieces. Due to its lightweight, one can wear it for longer time periods. 

Comexion wireless Bluetooth earpiece supports a V5.0 Bluetooth giving it a faster connection. It also has a 10-hour battery life from which it has 8.5 of music playtime. 

These earpieces are compatible with any Bluetooth device, support virtual voice assistants, and have strong battery life. But these earpieces do not come with a warranty and are not as durable. 


GPEESTRAC HSP-B3, With a lightweight design, it is comfortable to wear for longer periods. Though, these earpieces are not fit for people with smaller ears as they do not fit well.

It is notable that these earpiece have a battery life of 16 hours, they offer 24 hours of playback which makes them very desirable. This device also uses CVC8.0 dual-mice noise-cancellation technology which gives a clear and high-quality sound. The device provides the 5.0 Bluetooth along with an 18-month warranty along with a durable built with excellent battery life.


This might just be the most affordable Bluetooth tactical headset on the list. It comes with a CVC8.0 dual-mic and an active noise-cancellation that makes your calls high-quality. It also provides 16 hours of talk time with IPX4 water-resistant for light rain and sweat. 

K12 also has a very comfortable and lightweight design. The device also is compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 and supports a wide range of Bluetooth devices and voice assistants like Siri and features two mics. The only con one can mention is that they have a sensitive multi-function button and don’t fit in smaller ears.


Caldwell E-Max has high-quality stereo sounds along with a 25 NRR (noise reduction rating) which protects your hearing well. They also provide multiple sizes for you to choose from according to your ear size. Caldwell E-MAX Shadows pro has a very compact design and is very easy to connect to your mobile device ( or any device through Bluetooth). You can also adjust ambient noise levels and suppress sound to a safe level without any possible clipping. 


Conambo Bluetooth headset ensures that you have clear calls and enjoy high-quality audio when listening to music. They come with eight earbuds of various sizes so that you can find one that fits your ears the best. These headsets are also one of the most affordable pieces on our list. Conambo offers a 16-hour talk time and 18 hours of streaming music with one single charge. 0

With the cost, the quality of music is excellent. These headsets are also very lightweight and comfortable. They wrap around the ear and are also reversible with a 5.0 Bluetooth technology provided. 

You can also connect two devices at one time and enjoy impressive sound quality with noise cancellation. Conambo K10C has a robust built quality with a water-resistant finish. The only con one can say is that the Bluetooth connection is not as stable. 

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