What’s The Difference Between The Bose SoundLink Mini And The Mini II?

Audio professionals tend to look at. Bose speakers are expensive and basic in their practicality. 

However, one issue is that. Bose may not get enough credit for – area units and their Bluetooth compatibility systems.

Its quality has recently become a junction rectifier to a brand-new entry within the series, the mini II. 

What’s The distinction Between the Bose SoundLink mini and therefore the mini II?

With the mini II, Bose has extended the battery life by approximately 70-80% over the mini. Audio quality has additionally been slightly improved and therefore the mini II currently uses a USB-C charging cable rather than the quality plug that the initial mini came with.

Is it worthwhile to induce mini II? area unit these variations extremely enough to decide this a self-made upgrade? Let’s reconsider the small print in some depth.

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Differences Between The. Bose SoundLink mini and therefore the mini II

The Battery Life

Alright, here’s the largest distinction between the Bose SoundLink Mini and mini II and their battery lives. 

The original mini includes a pretty average battery life after you compare it to everything else that was being discharged around the same time. 

Of course, which means some prime rivals did their method higher. 

The mini was ready to travel with seven hours of battery life whereas several of its toughest contenders managed double that on one charge.

The mini II extended the Mini’s battery life up to twelve hours. 

Not too shabby, right? It failed to beat a number of its rivals; however, it marks a transparent improvement over the mini. 

And, with the mini II, there’s no charging cradle that will escort the primary mini. 

Instead, the mini II simply has itself and its USB-C charging cable.

Design components and Changes

Quality is a few things each the mini and mini II replicate in their styles. 

Built from Al, each speaker’s area unit models that, if you by mistake drop them, they won’t break. 

However, not like tons of different transportable speakers on the market, neither was designed to be waterproof

So if you spill your drink on that, you risk sauteing the circuits.

The mini and mini II area units are each lightweight in style, with consideration regarding 700 grams

This means you’ll be able to simply carry them around in your bag or purse. 

Their dimensions are primarily similar; therefore, you won’t feel like one is greater than the opposite.

One issue that the mini II has is that the first-gen mini doesn’t may have a multi-functional button. 

This button permits you to alter to a different track, use a mike to create calls, or activate voice assistants (like Alexa or Siri).

A 3.5 metric linear unit electro-acoustic transducer jack and a micro-USB charging port area unit are placed on the left facet of the speaker. 

All you have got to try and do is infix to recharge or place in your speakers.

Performance variations

Okay, each of those speaker’s area units is pretty simple and – dare I say it? – basic. 

But, sometimes, basic isn’t a nasty issue. 

In fact, for folks that don’t take into account themselves being tech-savvy, the low-keyed nature of the mini and mini II is refreshing. 

So, whereas there don’t seem to be an entire heap of not-bad options to do out, you get a strong speaker.

As far as bass goes, each of those. Bose speakers do a groovy job, though the mini II sees some advancements in this regard. 

And pumping out bass isn’t one thing that transportable speakers sometimes do this well. 

You might even be shocked by simply what proportion of power pumps from these speakers.

The mini II extremely solely includes a bit more additional bass than the mini. 

As for the highs, the mini II will have the roll-off typical for Bluetooth transportable speakers. 

You won’t hear an excessive amount of harshness, though, not like you are doing in different speakers this size.


Pairing your Bluetooth speakers together with your mobile devices has gotten tons easier over the years, and. Bose has gone higher than and on the far side to contour and modifies this method to the maximum amount as doable for his or her shoppers. 

To induce the mini II pairing, all you have got to try and do is flip the speaker on.

After you flip it on, you may hear a voice speaking your set language, asking you which of the languages you would like to combine. 

It will then tell you that you just will combine from the Bluetooth menu on your compatible device. 

Most folks won’t want this additional prompt, however people who area unit} unaccustomed to Bluetooth pairing would possibly appreciate this extra measure.

Pros and Cons of the. Bose SoundLink Mini II

Before we tend to shut things out on this cross-comparison review of the. Bose SoundLink Mini and mini II, let’s take several moments to replicate the pros and cons of shopping for the mini II (in that case, you may probably be shopping for the Special Edition model).

Here area unit the pros:

  • Reliable and robust property with paired devices
  • Affordably priced considering its higher quality of materials used
  • Ample enough power from a tiny low transportable speaker
  • Easy to use for beginners

 Now, let’s locomote to several of the Mini II’s cons:

  • Bigger and bulkier than a number of the newest transportable Bluetooth speakers to be discharged onto the market
  • There is not any cradle in the slightest degree, whereas the mini had a cradle
  • Battery life still trails behind that of different competitors

Bose SoundLink mini vs. Mini II

The Bose SoundLink Mini and mini II area units show their age as of 2021. We tend to area units seeing a flood of stronger, smaller competitors enter the market with higher sound quality and additional increased options. 

That being the same, the mini II may be a respectable enough very little device that sounds higher than you think that it might.

The variations between these 2 generations are unit lowest however noticeable. 

The battery life makes up a significant chunk of the variations, and a few sound quality sweetening provides the mini II a grip over its forerunner. 

If you’re wondering about investment in an exceedingly mid-range Bluetooth transportable speaker, then the Special Edition mini II are a few things to contemplate. 

But if you would like the cream of the crop, neither of those models can probably fit your desires since their battery lives are short-ish and their sound quality is simply okay.

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