Why Has All My Music Disappeared from Apple Music?

Apple music is one of the top music streaming app. It keeps all your music collection stored safely on your device. Apple’s music library allows us to sort our music by playlist, artist’s name, their albums, song names or their name. But sometimes, some users experience all their Apple music collection disappearing. There are certain reasons why this happens. Let’s look at them and find out ways to solve it.

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The new update

One of the reasons for your music to disappear from Apple music. With the new iOS 14 update, there have been some unpredictable bugs that have been causing problems. One of the main problems being this disappearance of music. Thankfully, this is an easy fix. You just need to follow these steps to make it work better all over again.

  • Go to settings and click on music.
  • Tap on iCloud music library and turn it off.
  • Exit settings.
  • Go back in settings and turn iCloud music library on again.
  • Turn on the “show Apple music” option.

Doing this, Apple music account will reconnect to your iCloud storage most of the time and display all your music collection.

Signing out of the iTunes account

Sometimes turning iCloud music library on and off does not work. You then need to try to sign out off your account. To do that you just have to follow these easy steps given below:

  • Go to settings and click on iTunes app store
  • Click on your name and sign out.
  • Sign back in again and to use correct login id and password
  • You will now need to just turn on your iCloud music library back again to make it work.

Synched to the wrong account

At times, an incorrectly configured account also causes problem as it is not synced to the main account that you use which further results into the collection in disappearing. This happens a lot when multiple people use the same ID.

It is always advised to have different Apple IDs so they can see only their content and preferences.

To check your Apple ID account, you can follow the following steps:

  • Sign in to the iTunes store with your Apple ID
  • Choose account and then click on view my account

Is your subscription up-to-date?

One of the prime reasons for why your music may have disappeared from apple music is that when your Apple music expires, all the downloaded music stops playing. When this happens, all the songs will be removed from your device if the subscription doesn’t get renewed. You also face this after the trial music period.

Clean up the junk files of your device

Junk files take up a lot more space than you may realize which is why clearing them out will free up space form your phone. By doing this, your iTunes will have more space to store music. You can check and see if the music has been restored or not.

How to get the music back?

There are different ways to this process too which will be told below.

You can turn on Apple music in your settings. 

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Restart your phone

If you are still unable to see your Apple music libraries, then you should try to restart your device. By restarting you will be terminating all the temporary system processes instantly which will further help you out in making it work.

Re-Download your purchased music from iTunes store

If there is some music that you have purchased from iTunes then you can download it as many times as you may like. You just need to follow these steps:

  • Launch iTunes and sign in
  • Click on account and then on the purchases tab
  • Click on “not in my library” and select the music that you want to get back.
  • Click on download and then you’ll have the music back in your device.

Restore all disappeared music on your iOS device

If by any chance you are still not able to see your music back in your library, then you will need to do a dedicated data recovery tool to do this job.

Recover Using the iphone’s Music Recovery Tool

if none of the steps given above have worked for you then you may need to try out other ways like using recovery tool. Phone rescue in iOS is one of the most advised and recommended music recovery tools for iPhone.

This tool can bring back purchases and non-purchases music from iTunes with or without the backup. It also prevents the privacy leakage. It also recovers other iOS data like your pictures, contacts, and much more.

To activate this, you would have to do the following:

  • Connect your phone and select “recover from iOS device
  • Choose music and select on the “ok” button
  • Select all the missing files that need to be recovered

Why did my iTunes music disappear?

This happens commonly because of updates in iTunes. You can get them back by following small steps given below:

  • Quit iTunes and find the iTunes folder and drop the “libraries” file on desktop
  • Go to the previous iTunes library and get the latest iTunes based on the date
  • Drag and drop the latest iTunes to the iTunes folder and change its name to iTunes library
  • Open your iTunes and all your content would be restored back again.

Ending thoughts

There are always many reasons to a cause and to help you out with those, we are always here to provide solutions. Apple music may disappear due to multiple reasons like even updating and it can be frustrating but following a few steps can also bring it back.

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